Tuesday, September 14, 2010


When we were in Mexico, a friend of ours took care of our plants. He also put in solar lights to light up the pathway between us and the church. What a wonderful friend.

Yesterday, one of the pastors at the church came over and very rudely informed me that the solar lights were to be removed immediately. Not only was he rude, but he treated me like I was a moron. By the third time of him telling me to remove them, I politely told him that I had heard him the first two times.

John moved the lights to OUR side of the alley and no one can say a thing.

If you have something to say to me, or want me to do something, say it nicely. I'll follow up nicely, too.

This morning I was outside talking with the contractor when the pastor that came over yesterday walked by. He said "Hi"; I said "Hello". He said "Thanks for moving the lights". I said nothing. He said "Have a nice day." I said "I hope to". End of discussion.

I honestly can't stand rudeness, especially from a pastor.

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  1. That is so rude, I can't believe he was checking up on you!