Friday, August 5, 2011

I got an e-mail...

That blew my socks off. A hundred years ago, when I was a student at Texas Christian University, I joined Alpha Gamma Delta. Sadly, the chapter closed. I always believed I could do more, so for many years I was a member of what was then called the "Official Family". I worked for a number of years as a New Chapter Development Consultant. My daughters all grew up knowing about Alpha Gam. I am proud to say that all four of them are Alpha Gams. They are members of Epsilon Upsilon at Tarleton State University. I now have a granddaughter, Anna, who I fully expect will be an Alpha Gam.

Today I got an email that said that AGD has been asked to make a presentation at TCU in September. This means a possible return to campus. I can honestly say I'm shocked. I'm thrilled. I don't have the words to convey my emotions. I just know I will be there.

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