Monday, December 27, 2010

Wonderful Christmas Eve

We had an extra special Christmas Eve this year. Everything was just about perfect with the exception that Stephanie and Dameon were in Amarillo and unable to join us.
We all gathered at Jackie and Cody's house, then on to their church for Christmas Eve services.
Then we were on our way to our favorite Turkish restaurant for too much delicious food. After that we all went back to Jackie's for the opening of the presents. Funniest moment, Bret thought he had gotten a Swiss Army knife only to find out it was chocolate! Most special moment was me opening a jewelry gift from John. He sure has good taste!
No weather worries this year, so Lizzie and Lane stayed awhile and John and I spent the night. Up the next morning for breakfast burritos and pumpkin pie. John and I went on home while Jackie and Cody packed up to go to his parents.
We had a quiet day and then Lizzie and Lane came over for dinner. It really was a special Christmas.

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  1. I REALLY enjoyed this past Christmas too. Thanks for staying the night. It was nice not having you guys rush off!